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Thing is that, since I couldn't find a single flash programmer... My specialty is, was and will always be drawing x D Programming is a seriously hard topic for me, so for this being my first (and probably last...

I had enough and decided to do it by myself x D The results are... at least for some time) short game, I'm a little proud of it anyway.

I would have washed her plates to learn how to make it.

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Keep in mind that I have less than two weeks of ''flash knowledge", and even then I came up with something that, for the seriously short and almost non-existent ammount of experience I had... those replay buttons are just lame x D the fluids animation isnt the best one out there by far, and many many many other flaws that I could mention but you'll sure eventually find for yourselves : P... Rights n stuff: Nym's rights belong to it's creator ''Fatelogic''(well... x D) The music track used in this game belongs to it's author, Kevin Mc Leod. When one of the three Witch Queens enslaves another and stands poised to put the world in her chains, the third sends a vulnerable envoy into her seductive clutches as part of a desperate plan to stop her. But is dressing up as a harem girl really as her own idea, or is it someone else’s?Kelly’s costume for the big Halloween party has to be perfect. Belle has been cursed by a gypsy to repeat the same day until she can get through it with out judging some one based on their appearance with the additional stipulation that every time she judges some one, she, herself, becomes what she judged the person to be on her next pass through the day.You can share my videos but don't copy my recipe TEXT!Don't take my photos and remove my watermark, I will sue You and you will LOSE ALOT OF MONEY!

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