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Broadcom and Nintendo then teamed up to create a more solid system for the Wii U-to-Game Pad connection."It has very low-latency, very high-definition quality, all coupled with solid interference mitigation technology," Bekis said.

Unlike DSLRs, which record heavily compressed files that are hard to use with video software, Video Assist records professional, 10 bit broadcast quality files such as Pro Res and DNx HR that are compatible with all leading video software so you can start editing immediately, without time wasting file conversions! Dual UHS-II SD slots Removable SDXC UHS-II, SDXC UHS-I and SDHC UHS-I SD cards.

Via the device's USB port or the device's user interface.

1 x Mini-B USB 2.0 connector for initial setup, software updates and Video Assist Utility software control.

The technology is built on top of something called Wi-Fi Miracast, which Broadcom first developed last summer.

It's a system that is specifically designed to deal with interference issues while maintaining liquid fast two-way communication.

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