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Motion to Re-open Discovery: It probably comes as no surprise that the Board ruled in favor of Imagini on this motion.


The event is 100% family-friendly, so entrance is completely free. CORONA SUNSETS TULUM.- This year, Corona Sunsets will be held in Tulum for the first time, after being held on other occasions in Playa del Carmen.

Since 1922 it was believed that the first hunters /gatherers to migrate to the Americas crossed the Bering Strait land mass from Siberia approximately 12,000 years ago and eventually traveled south through the west coast of North and South America.

In 1922 the remains of a mammoth were uncovered in Clovis, New Mexico along with a distinctive man made stone arrow point, a type which had not been seen before in the Americas.

According to their webpage (image below), they will be livestreaming the music festival on their official Twitter, Facebook and You Tube accounts, on June 17, from 3 PM to AM.

LA FÊTE DE LA MUSIQUE PLAYA DEL CARMEN.- The next performance of ‘La Fête de la Musique’ or ‘Music Festival’ in Playa del Carmen is organized by France’s consular representation in Quintana Roo, along with the private initiative.

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