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Rooms came alive and were brighter than during previous eras.

Rococo was expressed by curves, contrasts of light and especially in the use of gold trims and mirrors to reflect the candlelight.I got my book deal and there are already a couple of projects in the pipeline for 2012 which I can't tell you about yet.This time last year I didn't have this blog - I'm not sure what I have now that I do, but it's fun and lots of you seem to like it, so I might as well carry on. Another 365 days have passed and the whole world is marking it at an arbitrary point in time after which everything is much the same as it was before, only with a hangover.It must be said though that the annual habit of taking a step back to survey what has passed is a pleasing one, and when I bought a 2012 diary the other day I had a lot of fun going through the 2011 one to transfer all the birthdays and seeing where I was and what or whom I was doing.

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